Best Practice

There are lots of schools  across Warwickshire who support young Carers in a variety of innovative ways, we are keen to celebrate and share best practice examples to raise awareness of systems which may be beneficial to young carers in school. During Spring Term 2019 we have heard about three fantastic ideas we had to share;

Race Leys Infants School

Race Leys infants School hold a regular lunchtime picnic with their young carers and in one of these meetings it had been discussed that they would like a quiet space to go to in school when they might be struggling. The school identified that they had a space that could be transformed to create this and have involved the young carers in choosing what it should look like and the sort of furniture it should have. The school have also found a space outside that could be redesigned to create a similar quiet space outside and have again involved young carers in designing this.  It is great that school shave been able to act upon suggestions raised by their young carers but also that they can take ownership and have input into the development of these things.

Ash Green School

Ash Green School held a marketplace on their teacher training day which had stalls of information about different vulnerabilities/learning needs that students may have. Within this there was a young carers stand which identified the schools young carers and gave information and advice about how they can be supported, this had been done in consultation with young carers and included practical things that teachers could take away to use in their classrooms. This was a great way of raising awareness of young carers amongst staff and ensuring that teachers were familiar with young carers within their class. By consulting young carers about the stall they were able to see that school were putting strategies in place to support them and give advice that was specifically helpful to them.

Nicholas Chamberlaine School

The young carers lead at Nicholas Chamberlaine School has started meeting termly with young carers to discuss their caring role and responsibilities in order to understand any issues that may be affecting them this is then shared with relevant members of staff. This is a brilliant way of keeping up to date with any support needs young carers may have.


Well done to these schools for their fantastic work, we always want to hear what schools are doing to support young carers so please do get in touch and share your support strategies!