School Award

The Warwickshire Young Carers School Award aims to encourage and support schools to work toward provision of a high standard of support for Young Carers attending their school. The primary objective is to improve the experience; attendance and attainment of Young Carers in their education so that they might go on to achieve their full potential despite the added responsibilities they must face.

It is hoped that by completing this award schools will be better equipped to support students with caring responsibilities to reach their potential whilst also providing for their individual needs. Completion of this award could help a Young Carer and their family make an informed decision on which school to attend if they have a choice.

Unfortunately this year this funding has come to an end and to date we have been unable to obtain enough funding to continue the schools award. Schools are still able to complete a self assessment award which can be requested by completing the form found on our resources page. If you have completed a self assessment award, please let us know by completing the form on the Self Assessment Certificate page here. Our fundraising efforts continue so that we can re-launch the schools work, if you would be interested in completing an award please express this on the resources request form as it helps us evidence need in fundraising bids.

Below are schools who have completed awards with Warwickshire Young Carers, the awarded date is the last date they were assessed as being at that level. For Gold schools the review date refers to the last date they were reviewed at that level.


Self-Assessment Award

School Awarded
Milby Primary School 23/3/18
Trinity Catholic School 19/7/18
The Avon Valley School 31/5/19
Discovery Academy 2/7/19
The Avon Valley School 30/5/19


Bronze Award

School Awarded
Hartshill School 2012
North Leamington School 15/2/12
Ash Green School 21/6/12
The Queen Elizabeth Academy 11/7/12
Bilton School 13/7/12
Shipston High School 17/7/12
Lillington Primary School 4/12/15
Brownsover School 29/4/16
Bilton Infant School 27/5/16
Paddox Primary School 28/6/16
Shipston on Stour Primary School 30/9/16
St Paul's C of E Primary School, Nuneaton 7/11/16
Boughton Leigh Junior School 24/1/17
Lighthorne Heath Primary School  4/7/17
Sydenham Primary School 4/7/17
Birchwood Primary School  18/7/17
Northlands Primary School 2/7/18
Discovery Academy 19/7/19
Croft Junior School 19/7/19


Silver Award

School Awarded
Nicholas Chamberlaine School 16/5/12
George Eliot School 4/7/12
Myton School 17/7/12
Kineton C of E Primary School 16/10/15
Brookhurst Primary School 11/7/16
Coten End Primary School  18/7/16
Welford on Avon Primary School 2/2/17
Ettington C of E Primary School 13/3/17
Middlemarch Junior School 11/7/17
Birchwood Primary School 18/7/19


Gold Award

School Awarded Reviewed
Kineton High School 18/7/13 27/2/19
Bilton Junior School 3/12/15 14/9/18
Stockingford Primary School 13/5/16 14/1/19
Milverton Primary School 8/7/16 11/10/18
Camp Hill Primary School 12/7/16 15/10/18
Michael Drayton Junior School 6/2/17 7/9/18
St Francis Catholic Primary School 17/2/17 26/6/17
Hillmorton Primary 6/3/17 26/4/18
Henry Hinde Junior School 17/3/17 21/1/19
Dordon Primary School 28/4/17 3/10/18
Wembrook Primary School 19/6/17 11/10/18
St Paul's Primary School, Leamington  3/7/17 11/10/18
Cubbington Primary School 12/7/17 18/9/18
Our Lady and St Teresa's Primary  School 17/7/17 20/9/18
Dunchurch Boughton Primary School 19/7/17 24/1/19
Cawston Grange School 5/7/18 25/1/19
Race Leys Infants School 17/9/18 -
Ettington Primary School 18/7/19 -
Birchwood Primary School 10/3/2020 -