Carers & Families

Warwickshire Young Carers works with Carers from the age of 6 upwards and aims to help improve the lives of young carers across Warwickshire. We support young carers in their caring role, give them an opportunity to relax and take a break, and help them to realise their own dreams.

The services offered by Warwickshire Young Carers include:

  • Someone to listen to young carers and support them
  • Help young carers to access help from other agencies and service providers
  • Help young carers to get their point across and be heard
  • Provide opportunities for young carers to meet other young carers, make new friends, learn new skills and have fun
  • Activities, workshops, days out and short-breaks
  • Provide support for young carers with their educational needs
  • Help young carers to achieve their goals, have their own life and succeed in the things they may be struggling with
  • Give young carers and opportunity to chat, have a laugh and just relax

We strive to raise public awareness of Young Carers in Warwickshire and encourage a wider recognition of their contribution to society. At the same time, we provide carers with information and support to assist them in their caring roles and enable them to fulfil their own needs as individuals.


Young Carers Family Support

We offer the whole family advice and support as well as the opportunity to develop their skills to carry out daily tasks involved in living with and supporting someone who has an illness, disability, mental health or substance misuse problem.

We offer a free, confidential and non- judgmental service to assist in accessing the support needed. We work with the Young Carer, the cared for and the whole family in a variety of ways through;

  • Home visits at a convenient time
  • Signposting, advice and advocacy for the whole family including information on other services that the whole family might benefit from
  • Courses designed to help parents with the challenges they experience with looking after a disabled child 
  • Help in setting personal and family goals and aspirations
  • Someone to talk to
  • Support for the Young Carer
  • Activities for Young Carers with the opportunity to meet with other Young Carers make new friends and have some fun
  • Support at school

Young Adult Carers

When a Young Carer is aged 14-24 we have a specific service aimed at helping them achieve their life aspirations, careers and long-term well-being.

Our young adult carers service includes:

  • Support
  • Individual or group information, advice and guidance
  • Advocacy support (we can talk to school/college/university/work to help them understand your caring role)
  • Help with applying for jobs, work experience, training courses, University or college.
  • Help with accessing other specialist support.
  • Visits to Universities
  • Chance to meet other young adult carers and make new friends