School Transitions

Young carers  may need additional support during school transitions as this can be an even more difficult time with the addition of a caring role. It is vital that they are supported to ensure a smooth transition and that pastoral support is continued at secondary school and not lost. For some young carers it is vital that they have more than just the one day to visit their new school, this will help them feel more comfortable and confident about the move. 

Schools can aid transitions for young carers by:

  • Give young carers practical ideas to help in their new school and with the worries of moving. Tell them how it will be the same and how it will be different so they have a better idea of what to expect. 
  • Inform the Young Carer and parents/guardians of any open evenings at the new school.  
  • Give the new school (and the parents/guardians) an outline of the support currently being received by the pupil, such as a family support worker, school nurse or other agency involvement. Also provide information regarding any additional support offered by the school currently. 
  • The staff should consider the wishes of the young carer and their parents/guardians when informing the new school of their caring role and how the family want the new school to know. Ensure once you have consent that the secondary school knows who all the Young Carers identified are, their caring circumstances and what support they currently receive. 
  • Offer to organise a visit for the young carers and parents/guardians to the secondary school in order to meet with the young carer lead/year head/pastoral lead to discuss family circumstances and give the young carer the opportunity to explain what it is like for them. (The young carer could have this information written down as they may find it difficult to talk about their caring role). Also if the family need to explain any special arrangements that are needed, for example in order to access parents' evening, etc. 
  • Organise additional visits to the new school for the young carer and other children it would benefit. 
  • Introduce the young carer to the young carers lead in the new school in the summer term and make sure they know how to access them. The young carer lead can explain what support the school can offer the young carer and where to find them in school.  
  • In September arrange a meeting between the young carer lead and the young carers to remind them about who they are and where to find them if they are worried or need support. 

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