National statistics suggest that in a secondary school 1 in 5 pupils lives are in some way affected by the long-term illness or disability of someone close to them. Not all young carers will need support all of the time but, it is likely that many could benefit from some additional support, both from their school and from Warwickshire Young Carers.

We have found that many young people do not wish to discuss their caring responsibilities with friends and teachers through fear of isolation, stigma and bullying. However, with the right supportive environment this needn’t be the case. Staff already work closely with a number of schools and educational professionals to help raise awareness of the needs of Young Carers and to support individual needs to help reduce the impact of caring responsibilities on their education.

Staff can provide guidance to schools around raising awareness of young carers and establishing a support system for them. Warwickshire Young Carers also helps to support the individual needs of young carers via meetings and conversations with school staff as well as attendance of multi agency meetings. To discuss any details of how we might be able to help support your school to support the Young Carers who attend please contact us on

We have a range of content available to schools on our schools transitions page, providing information to support young carers with moving school.

We can also come to your school and deliver an assembly to the whole school or specifically for key stage groups on what a young carer is and how we can support them. Please email us if you are interested in this service.