Transitions & Young Adult Carers

A service aimed at supporting Young Carers and Young Adult Carers aged 14-21 to achieve positive outcomes for their own futures as well as providing social activities for Young Adult Carers aged 18-25.

Warwickshire Young Carers employs a Transitions Coordinator who works across the County to deliver a range of services and initiatives aimed at assisting Young Carers to consider their own aspirations for any aspect of their young adult and adult life, be it education, work, independent living or achieving emotional wellbeing. The Transitions Coordinator works closely with local colleges and Universities to raise awareness of and improve support for Young Carers.

The service aims to provide information, advice and guidance on the range of issues affecting Young Carers during times of transition. This could be deciding on Post-16 options, choosing a University and applying, support with grants, scholarships and bursaries at college or University, housing support, advocacy in some of the situations that can be a little bit more difficult to navigate alone and help with the pressures of caring.






You can contact the Transitions Coordinator in the following ways:


Phone: 01926 963940

Mobile: 07586 611680