Young Carers Action Day

23 February 2022

As you may know, 16th March is Young Carers Action Day, it would be great if as many people as possible could get involved and celebrate the day. The theme of the day is #TakingActionOnIsolation aiming to tackle the isolation that many young carers and young adult carers face.

With this in mind Warwickshire Young Carers will be sharing ideas in the lead up to the day of small steps people could take to help tackle isolation.

We are also asking anyone who wants to be involved in raising awareness and supporting young carers and young adult carers to pledge an action they will take to help end isolation for young carers. This can be done on the Pldge Card below or just on a piece of paper/post it note then take a photo either of yourself with the statement or just the statement and tweet us with it (@warksyc) using the #warksyc #YoungCarersActionDay and #TakingActiononIsolation. If you don’t have twitter you can use Facebook (@warwickshireyoungcarers) or Instagram (warwickshireyoungcarers), be sure to tag us so we can see your pictures.

You can also support us by liking and sharing the ideas we tweet in the lead up to Young Carers Action Day so that we can raise as much awareness as possible.

To find out more about Young Carers Action Day including resources that may be useful click here.

Pledge Card: 

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