Young Carers Awareness Day 2019

08 March 2019

This year when talking about Young Carers Awareness Day some of our Project Workers had the idea of planning an activity which young carers could take part in within their groups in the lead up to Young Carers Awareness day. Whilst this was happening, we wanted to be able to share what we were doing on social media to promote Young Carers Awareness Day and involve other partner agencies. 

The Project Workers came up with…… Paper People! To give an idea of the number of young carers in Warwickshire each young carer would have the opportunity to decorate a person however they wished, with words, by colouring in or drawing and we had some fantastic results;

As the amount of Paper People we received grew we started to share the pictures on social media, our Education Development Worker also got in touch with schools to see if they wanted to participate. Local Schools got in touch to say they would decorate paper people with their young carers and send them back to us. We were also able to arrange to take the chain out to schools, Victim Support, Warwickshire Justice Centre Staff and even Asda to highlight support for Young Carers across numerous organisations as well as show partnership working.

On Young Carers Awareness Day our North Younger group were the last group to create their people and we added theirs to the chain on the night...... we just about fit it into the room!

After Young Carers Awareness Day we still had more to add from schools that had sent theirs in, our final count of paper people was that we had 244 on the chain! This is only a fraction of the Young Carers in Warwickshire that we know of but goes a small way to demonstrating just how many young carers there are.



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