Young Carers Action Day

23 February 2021

As you may know, 16th March is Young Carers Action Day, it would be great if as many organisations as possible could get involved and celebrate the day. The theme of the day is Protecting Young Carers Futures.  With this in mind, Warwickshire Young Carers are asking for young carers, families, schools, professionals and anyone who wants to be involved to join them in:

•    Raising awareness of the difficulties young carers and young adult carers may face.
•     Celebrating the skills that are gained from a caring role. 
•    Pledging to take action to protect young carers and young adult carers futures. 

Young carers and young adult carers often have to wear many ‘hats’ taking on many different roles as part as caring for someone. This Young Carers Action Day, we are going to be thinking about the many ‘hats’ young carers wear as part of their caring role, sharing pictures of some of these across social media.

 Young carers and young adult carers, we would love you to share the ‘hats’ you wear as a young carer, you could take a picture like the ones above, or get even more creative and make or draw your hat. Share this with us on twitter (@warksyc), facebook (@warwickshireyoungcarers) or Instagram (warwickshireyoungcarers) using the #warksyc #youngcarersactionday, be sure to tag us so we can see your pictures. 

We will also be sharing some of the skills young carer and young adult carers gain in wearing these ‘hats’, please like, share and send in the skills you have gained, we want to celebrate the many skills young carers & young adult carers gain which will support them in their future. 

We are also calling on professionals, businesses and anyone who wants to be involved to ‘pull a pledge out of their hat’ we want you to tell us one action you will take protect young carers futures, examples could be:

•    Put up a poster in my organisation to help raise awareness of young carers.
•    Attend a training session to understand more about young carers and how I could support them.

 Share these with us on twitter (@warksyc), facebook (@warwickshireyoungcarers) or Instagram (warwickshireyoungcarers) using the #warksyc #youngcarersactionday.


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