Change of contracted support provided by Warwickshire Young Carers

Dear Young Carer/Parent/Guardian

Young Carers Support Service – Change of contracted support provided by Warwickshire Young Carers

Hope you are well. We have some news to share with you.

We are writing to everyone who is currently being supported by Warwickshire Young Carers to let you know that following a recent tender exercise Warwickshire County Council awarded the new All Age Carer Wellbeing and Support service to Carers Trust Heart of England. This means that from 1st October 2022 Carers Trust Heart of England will be contracted to support carers of all ages across Warwickshire, including young carers Carers Trust Heart of England has many years of experience of supporting young carers in Coventry and will be able to bring this expertise to Warwickshire.

What is changing?

Warwickshire Young Carers will still be supporting young carers however there are some elements we will no longer carry out on behalf of the council. This includes assessments of needs and targeted work with young carers and their families, support with schools and some group activities. This will be carried out by Carers Trust Heart of England from 1st October 2022.

What happens next?

As we were commissioned by the council, we would need to transfer your details to the new organisation so you can continue to receive the support on behalf of the council. We will transfer your information to the new provider unless you tell us you do not wish for this to happen. The information that will be transferred includes:

  • Name, address, and date of Birth
  • Details of your support requirements and how we have supported you
  • When your support was last reviewed
  • Key partners or organisation involved in your support

Please be assured you can still be supported by Warwickshire Young Carers, and this will not change even if you also have support from Carers Trust Heart of England. We will be working with the new organisation to ensure that your support is continued. We will keep you informed as the service gets up and running.

If we do not hear from you within the next 28 days from the date of this letter, we will transfer your details and Carers Trust Heart of England will be in touch with you. If you would like to opt out of this transfer, please email or if you would like to talk to someone, please call us on 01926 963940 and we will support with any queries.

Carers Trust Heart of England will be hosting some meet the team sessions over the summer months so that young carers and their families can find out more about the organisation and how they can support you.

To ensure that the service provides the best possible outcomes for young carers the council would like young carers to be a part of developing the new service. If you would like to be a part of developing the new service do let us know via the email address above or fill out this Form.

Thank your cooperation and understanding and look forward to continuing to support young carers of Warwickshire. If you have any general enquiries, you can also contact the council at or call 01926 410410.


Yours Sincerely




Rachel Faulkner                                                            Amanda Fawcett

CEO                                                                                      Lead Commissioner 

Warwickshire Young Carers                                 Warwickshire County Council



Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Will there be any benefit of transferring to Carers Trust for support for myself and my family?

Answer YES, as we will no longer be providing support on behalf of the council it is in your best interest to transfer to the new provider as you can be sure that you get all the support you are entitled to. The Council wants to ensure that you and your family gets the best support for your needs as possible.


Q2 Will I no longer have support with Warwickshire Young Carers if I get support from Carers Trust Heart of England and the new service?

Answer: NO. You will continue to have support with Warwickshire Young Carers as long as you like. The benefit of transferring to Carers Trust is that you will have the full benefit of the Commissioned support offered by the council.


Q3 Will there be any changes to what I currently get from Warwickshire Young Carers?

Answer: YES, there may well be some changes to the level of support you receive from us. Some activities such as groups may change but we will work closely with the Carers Trust to ensure that these are maintained as much as possible.


Q4. What about the friends I have made via Warwickshire Young Carers will I no longer see them if they transfer, and I don’t

Answer: NO, you can always stay in touch with your friends made with Warwickshire Young Carers and our staff have made some good friends with our young carers. We will try to keep these connections as much as possible.


Q5, I have been with Warwickshire Young Carers a long time, can I trust this new organisation?

Answer: YES, Carers Trust Heart of England is a reputable organisation, and the council has done rigorous checks before choosing them to provide the service. You can be assured that this is a reputable organisation to support you.


Q6 Will the information you transfer about me and my family to Carers Trust Heart of England be safe?

Answer YES, all information about you will be handled safely and we will ensure that your details are protected. Carers Trust will also be required to keep your details safe and confidential.


Q7 Carers Trust provide support to young carers in Coventry, will I have to go to Coventry for support for me or my family?

Answer: NO, the service is required to be in Warwickshire so all your support will be based here.


Q8 My family and I get support from other organisations will this change? Do I have to let them know if I transfer?

Answer. NO, you will not have to tell the other organisations about transferring to Carers Trust. The council will inform those organisations connected to the new service and we will let Carers Trust know about any other support you receive from other external organisations.


Q9 Why is Warwickshire Young Carers no longer providing support for young carers on behalf of the council?

Answer: We will still be providing support to young carers in Warwickshire just not for the council. We decided it was in the best interest of young carers to concentrate on our core support for carers. Warwickshire Young Carers will continue to support all young carers across the county from 6 – 25. This includes family support, support for young adult carers, information, advice and guidance, training for young carers, providing aspirational trips, activities and residentials, educational support, fun trips, activities and workshops whilst continuing to listen to the voices of young carers, so that our service continues to meet their needs.

We encourage you to join the new service as this gives you additional support. We will continue to be here to support you.


Q10 I am still unsure or have more questions who can I speak to if I have questions?

Answer: You are welcome to contact us on 01926 963940 or email us at and we can help you with any queries. You can also contact the Council directly on 01926 410 410 or email and someone will get in touch.


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